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Tuesday, April 14, 2020 @ 3:48 PM

Phew.. 9 yrs... this blog is rusty.

Saturday, April 09, 2011 @ 10:20 AM

Blogging mood is back..:)

It's been 2 months alreadys huh..
How fast..

There are just a few things up in my life rite now.

-Losing weight

Work :)
What do you think.. it's really Great!
I always thank God for granting me a Great workplace.
Lovely colleagues.. More than I ever wish for.
Well.. God willing.. permanent here I come..
For now I guess..

Losing weight..
Ask me how.. haa of coz still persevering la!!
Thank God after CNY till now, I lost abt 7kg.
Hmm.. still got 13kg to go man!
Not very significant,
But at least i'm glad with the progress.
At least now I get to wear things more comfortably..
By end April I hope to lose another 3-4kg.
Make it 10kg.. before all the buffet treats will be coming in my way.
Scarry.. but thank God i find it easy to resist and control now.

OH YES!!! SO looking forward for the 3 month planned program coming up with
Pat & Jin Li :D haa..! WHEEEEeeeeee!!!! <3
Our 21st will be a special one! :D
No party, no glam.
Just a simple one :D
With all my close dears!<3

Thank God for the many opportunities He has given to me.
Be it in workplace,meeting friends or family.
Pray for God to work.
I'm seriously lagging, or u could say I am quite stagnant.
But I thank God because of all this opportunities,
I realised that God is working and is always reminding me that He is there.

God hath not promised sky always blue..:)

Arghhhh... so HAPPY!!!
Church Camp is coming soon!!!
Thank God Jaime & Rachel is coming tis year.
That makes the 3 of us in Camp tgt this year!
Like finally!<3

Celebrated Ethan's full month and Giselle's 1 yr old :)
Declan also celebrated his 3rd bithday! :)
He becoming a shy lit'boy Haaa!
Ethan is my Sis 2nd boy :) Really Adorable.
Big bright eyes with double eyelids ;)
He looks just like Declan but Declan is single eyelid :)
All 3 of them really brought our family lots of joy! :)
Just reminds me of me and my cousins...
We are only a year different. :)
Declan (3 Yrs old ),
Kaylee (2 yrs old),
Giselle (1 yrs old)
and now
Ethan (14months) :)
Next year, might be another additional gd news from my bro side! ;)
Really love all of them!!! :D

*faints.. now now..married is still so far away for me..'grins'

Alrites.. there will be couple things happening and I want to do.

AHHHHH... discipline and more discipline!!!

Alritesss... Goose Bye! :)


Monday, January 31, 2011 @ 1:35 PM

My 240 post.

How fast..
January will be ending today.
Tomorrow will be February already!

Reviewing the month of January..

It's prettie much the same as in for work.
Less load for now. :)

Well.. certain things did of coz change..

1) My hairstyle :P
I can never come to an agreement to why i did something that would contridict myself.
Probably I was too stress and wanted to do something that I never tried before. Or maybe coz it's for some reason that i decided to.
But it's of coz not something bad.. I don't think I will ever go crazy again.

2) My diet plan!!!
Well.. I'm really really happie that I could sustain a month of jogging.
Been jooging 3 times a week. It's really a struggle sometimes to just give up and go back to my normal self. But i don't want. Being a little more motivated when I could wear my old dresses was really an accomplisment so far. I hope I don't get lazy and forget what i set out to do. I don't wan my resolutions to only last for less than 6 mths! GO GO Jasmine!!!

Of coz Jogging sometimes really help me to de-stress. Now instead of turning to eat so much when I'm stress.. I choose to run. Even if I don't have anyone to run with me. This year is definitely a year of changes. I go to love jogging; I love jogging :)

Spiritual part..
Been good.. Not that Great. It's just like jogging.. u need determination and a love for it. But thank God for not forsaking me.. although sometimes temptation is lingering.

3)Chinese New Year
2011 is finally come. The real 2011.
I pray that this year will be a better year ahead.
I am looking forward for whatever that I've been wanting to do this year.
Well.. still got some incompleted stuff from 2010 that needs to be settled.
Will settle after chinese new year!

4)I'm still missing somethings in my life.
I guess it will remain as it is.
I must learn to let go and accept things with a open heart.
Sometimes this matter really makes me go nuts literally.
But I know I cannot do anything and I can only keep my calm.
I don't want to understand because it just goes in circles.

Nothing beats holiday.. finally I can rest.
It's been a tiring January but a fruitful want.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 10:44 AM

The beginning of my 2011.

It never could have never been better..
-I have started my diet plan. (I need to remind myself to diet the right way)
-I have started exercising with friends who are just like me motivated to keep fit.
(Thank God I still have my stamina in place but I just need to watch my knee and not spraining my muscles.)
- I have been regular in my Quiet time and spending my time wisely travelling by reading the bible using my hp and also reading a book called "Having a Mary heart in a Martha World"
-I am finally out of YF and being the faithful secretary.
(Meaning now I'm moving up to YAF.)
-Taking less duties.. I realise I need a rest. I'm physically tired and spiritually dry just by taking too much activities. I'm not giving my 100% anymore, that's bad isnt it.

I just need a change this yr..

Monday, December 20, 2010 @ 11:17 AM

What is 2011 without 2010 growth and pains!

Thank God for seeing me through a year with lots of topsy turvy and little roses..

This will be memories of yesterday and kicking myself forward with new sets of challenge coming 2011.

I have so many wish list..I think I will be broke if I had to fufill each of them.

But a few impt items that I need to get and dying for it to come true soon!
Like a new HANDPHONE!!!! Argggghhhhhhhh~!!!
My current handphone is really giving me lots of manual work (irritating)..
Cant type a message as fast as last time.Sick!

Thank God for work! :)
Well.. it's not that boring after all..
People makes the difference definitely!
I think I found my confidence doing the constructioning well.
But well 2011.. Will take into another heights!

There are a few of the MUST accomplish!
- You know what. Lose W_____. like I said a million times.
- Focus my thoughts on spiritual things (QT QT QT).
- Complete reading Children's Application Bible.
- Clear things..
- Save up and be more thrifty
- Do more OT OT OT coz can earn extra income!!

Looks like I'm just trying to set my resolutions already.
But you know there is a saying..
Resolutions dont usually last. :P

Next Year.. there will be a new set of commitments for me to go through.
But I've kind of let go alot of it already.
No more minutes next year! :D Hee
Ahhh.. well one step at a time.

I'm entering my young adulthood next year.
After much consideration.. I guess my heart is more settled about certain things.
Looking ahead for fresh new beginning for 2011.

Another new heights for Jasmine Wee.

Let the rain wash away all the pains of yesterday!

Saturday, November 13, 2010 @ 12:02 PM

I've extended another 6 more mths! :)

I've done my nursing license too! Yayness..

November and December are coming!

It means camp :0) and spending more money..! ;/

Sunday, September 05, 2010 @ 8:10 PM

I hope I can paint my own reality.

3 months has passed! :)

Thank God for blessing me with such a GREAT working environment.
It's been sometime since I've blog.. as usual.
Thank God for the many opportunities to get to know each colleagues better.

Haa.. even someone joked with me:"SEE the company treat you so good!The road for you to come to the office so smooth, Know you need to walk to and fro the office so much that they hired people to come and make a pathway for you to walk instead of walking on the mud and grass." HAAA~!

I will cherish my time working in this company..
It's really precious..
Dont know whether I will get this kind of awesome environment ever again next time.
Plus I got SO much motivation to go to work everyday! :D
Grr.. I feel like extending my contract now ahhhhhh!

I'm doing something that I enjoy too! :D
Why must I only work as what I study only..

Indeed, I know my Lord cares! when one dont work, the other will. :)

My Little Naphew Declan really a sweetie!
I'm so touched that he misses me! :)
You know what..
He learns how to use Iphone all by himself.
Smartboy! He is only 2plus yrs old! Amazed!
A little kid could really brighten up ur day with those little things they do.

There's alot of things which kept me occupied recently..
I think it's fantastic!
At least I'm not bothered by the things which I assume it consumed most of my time.
Take it as it is. Problems will never go away.
So why bother..
Suppressing lots of my "Es" with "Bs"

I'm going to start some small handicraft stuff with my sisters! :D
Wonderful! I've been sewing already! :D I'm Loving It!

I dunno if I could ever find the determination to do the things which I've set to do.
But I will try harder! :]

Some thoughts:
Is there a definite answer for everything?
Meaning.. what if GOD think otherwise?
His thoughts are higher than ours isnt it?
We dont really have a standard answer to everything in life dont we?
Not even the bible will supply you with standard answers about God's will for you right? If not prayer does not need function for petitions.
Just like asking, What should u say for God to grant you something?
The bible don't give all question a model answer to what exact words you should say right? If not why is there YES,NO or WAIT to what we pray?

Another things is:
What if the weaker dont get the standard answer right, isnt it similar to judging and stumbling the weaker indirectly when you tell them it's wrong? Unless they really say without thinking.. but still it could be a possible answer to God right?
[Never mind if you dont get this part]

Since we are answerable to God our own and God knows our thoughts even way before we do, who are we to challenge Him and His thoughts?

Nowadays I feel that the weaker are often being condemned subtly with their weak knowledge and relationship in their walk with the Lord by ignorant people who think they know everything. Which I really do not like it. Doesnt mean you know everything in the bible means God has already confirm that you will enter into heaven right? Who knows?

Weaker brother also need proper encouragement that will build them up.
Why do we say we love the Lord, when we still act like those ignorants?

Christians live by the principles of the bible. But somehow sometimes some kind of misused it and misinterpreted it.We are humans that makes mistakes so easily.

Just like people is trying to say.. Smoking doesn't necessary harm you, some people smoke till they are 94 yrs old but they are still fit and strong!?!

There isnt a standard answer to everything in life. isn't it right.

Don't be quick to judge my faith now. It's just thoughts.
I'm not doubting anything. Dont assume anything alright.
I trust my sovereign Lord overall.
I remember man will fail but God will never.

I might not be what some would like me to be.
But I know I'm made special in God's eyes.
That's enough!


ITE Nursing
Child of God ^^


Lay Hwa
Wei Lun



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